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  • How do I order an airport valet?
    You can order an airport valet one of three ways. You can download the Jourve app on the Apple App store or go to the website: . You can also, order a valet over the phone by calling 301-254-1148.
  • If I’m travelling in the future, but I don’t know my flight information and don’t want to pay yet, can I still reserve a valet?"
    Yes, you can schedule a reminder to book a valet on our website by inputting your name, email, phone number and travel date. Please note, your order is not officially confirmed until payment is received either via phone or the app.
  • Where do I drive to in order to get my car valeted?
    If you have already purchased your valet via phone or the app, you simply drive up to the curbside of the airport by the airline you are flying with and your valet driver will meet you there. He or she will call or text you to confirm the exact location. During busy times, customers may be asked to waith between 5 to 10 minutes for the driver to meet them.
  • Does the valet drop off my car when I arrive from my flight?
    Yes, the valet meets you at the lower level of the airport to return your car once you have landed and retrieved your bags.
  • How do I know who my valet driver is?
    About 30 minutes before you are set to arrive, you can lo gin to the website portal of the app and view the profile of your Jourve valet driver. Additionally, your valet driver will call and confirm his or her identity with you a few minutes before you arrive.
  • Do you document the condition of the car?
    Yes, our valet driver takes pictures of the condition of your vehicle once he or she meets you curbside and after he or she parks the car at the parking lot. You have the option to sign off on the pictures to confirm the condition.
  • Are valet drivers screened?
    All valet drivers have received a criminal background check and have been screened for the global terror watch list. Additionally, all drivers have a clean driving record and are tested on their driving ability.
  • How do you pronounce Jourve?
    The name Jourve is a combination of the words “Journey” and “Serve.” It is pronounced JERV.
  • What if my flight number changes on my trip?
    If your flight number changes during your trip, please call us and let us know of the change so that we can adjust your order.
  • What’s the policy on tipping the drivers?
    Tipping is not required, but we do recommend tipping the valet driver if you are satisfied with the service. Also, keep in mind that the Jourver who valets your car when you arrive at the airport might not be the same one when you depart.
  • I don’t have my returning flight number. Do I need it?
    Yes, we would need to have your returning flight number in order to track the status of your returning flight and have your car ready when you return.
  • Can I track the status of my vehicle?
    Yes. You can log in to the Jourve app or website portal and view when your Jourver has arrived at the airport, received the keys, and parked the car. When you are returning you can log into the app and see when the Jourver is in route to the airport, when they have arrived curbside and when the vehicle as been successfully returned. You will also receive an email at every stage of the order verifying the status of your vehicle.
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