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About Jourve

First things first: Jourve is pronounced "Jerve." It is a combination of the words Journey and Serve.

Here's a little more about our company.

Our Story

Jourve was conceived in the San Diego International airport baggage claim area. As Jourve founder, Hope Porter, was retrieving her bags, she witnessed a woman passed out from hunger after a long flight. Being a nurse, Hope tended to the woman and listened to the woman talk about her difficulty receiving food throughout her airport experience that day. Soon after, Hope began to envision an application that could help travelers who are in a rush, obtain food and other necessities at the airport without missing their flight. From there, Jourve was born.

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Our Mission

It is our vision to assist travelers with all the essentials they need for their trip without having to stress about timing or convenience. Our goal is to revolutionize the way people travel by digitally connecting the services, products and processes at airports with the people who are traveling.

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Our Launch

Jourve launched on the Apple iTunes App Store in July of 2017. We then rolled out the airport valet service at BWI in September of 2017. Since that time period, we have completed over 2,100 valet orders. We also launched concierge services in the form of car washes and gas refills.


Jourve is currently in talks with various airports throughout the country and we are planning to launch at two new airports later this year.

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