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Car Wash and Detailing

The best time to get your car washed is when you're traveling. Drop your car off with us curbside and get it back sparkiling clean, inside and out.



Check out our prices below: 

Sedans = $42

Midsize = $59

Large Vehicles = $67

Basic Car Wash

Car Wash and Detailing

Sedans = $165

Midsize = $184

Large Vehicles = $200

Sedans - Small vehicles with 5 or less seats

Midsize - Small SUVs, Crossovers, Minivans

Large vehicles - SUVs w/3rd row, Pick-Up Trucks, Large Mini Vans

Basic Car Wash

The basic car wash includes the following:

  • exterior washing 

  • vacuuming 

  • deep wheel clean

  • premium spray wax/sealant

  • window cleaning (inside + out)

  • premium tire shine/gel

  • wiping of general areas

  • cleaning door jambs

  • air drying using compressed air

  • air freshener

Anchor Basic Car Wash
Anchor Detailing

Car Wash and Detailing

The deluxe car wash and detailing includes the following:

  • premium wash (3-bucket method)

  • premium 1 step wax/polish

  • vacuuming

  • deep carpet shampoo (hot water carpet extraction)

  • premium tire shine/gel

  • thorough dress of wheels

  • cleaning of windows (inside + out) 

  • shampoo & reconditioning of leather or cloth seats

  • exterior prep to remove tar bugs, etc.

  • cleaning of door & trunk jamb & gas cap

  • full car blowout

  • deep cleaning of  general areas (door panels, dashboards, cup holders, steering wheel)

  • air freshener

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